Roll 220 2012-02-22


  1. Any questions for you (sorry for my bad english):
    - do you use a PP (Photoshop, Lightroom, Neat Image, ...) for your shots with rollei 35?
    - do you use a tripod for low light (50 ASA!?!) or....???
    Thank's and compliments for your amazing shots!

    1. Hello Roberto, thank you for your kind words!
      I use photoshop for scanning (Canoscan 8400F-plugin)and for spotting the dust on my scans and sometimes for dodging/burning.
      After shooting more than 700 rolls of Polypan F and developing all in the same way I know really good how to expose in a specific situation. So I noticed that I have to do less postprocessing with every exposed film.
      I never use a tripod, seldomly I set the camera onto a surface or press it against a post or something similar for longtime exposures.

    2. Thank you and news compliments for the best way to take a shots also without tripod and postprocessing.
      I have take too a "new" Rollei 35T (Singapore, Tessar 3,5/40) in eBay and I take a lot of shots with T-Max (developed with T-Max RS and scan with Coolscan 9000ED.
      Now, I study your shots with care!
      Yours sincerely,

  2. Have fun! I bought a Rollei 35S yesterday (evil GAS!)